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Canada work permit makes immigrants to work on different job profiles in the country. The permit is granted on temporary basis and expires after a specified period of time after which it must be extended. If you plan applying for a work permit extension in Canada, you:

  • Must have the job period extended over a new duration
  • Are ready to join another job in the country
  • Plan to have permanent Canada residence and settlement
  • Need to leave Canada temporarily and wish to return

In case of leaving Canada after working, only to re-enter in the future on work basis, the important requirements are a legit passport/travel document along with legit work permit.

Citizens from different countries who plan to apply for Canada temporary resident visa for traveling to the country must mandatorily possess the return visa. This condition is not applicable to those returning from the USA, St. Pierre and Miquelon. In addition, there will be a period sanctioned for entry or extension that must have not expired, irrespective of whether you are coming as a student, worker or visitor.

Re-entry to Canada is not guaranteed even if you possess all the required documents and you may have work permit extension refused. Your work permit extension application will be reviewed in accordance with the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act and the Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations before the final decision is taken.

It is worth mentioning that the USA citizens need not produce passport/travel document for entry or re-entry to Canada. Also, the permanent residents of the USA, St. Pierre and Miquelon don’t require these documents to gain entry or re-entry to Canada. However, they must produce citizenship or permanent resident proofs that can be an identity card or an alien registration card.

Do you know that you can apply for work permit extension for a period adding to the maximum of 4 years of working in Canada? For other related facts and information or for advice from expert work permit extension consultant, contact ACME Overseas. Get assistance in work permit extension in Canada right now.

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