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Canada welcomes millions of visitors and immigrants every year. However, the purposes and entry procedures differ for these two sets of individuals entering the country. While immigrants settle down permanently in Canada and are eligible for permanent residency or citizenship, visitors can stay in Canada on temporary basis and for limited periods. Moreover, the visitors also need to obtain what is called the Temporary Resident Visa (TRV). If you are a visitor for tourism or plan to visit and stay in Canada for temporary work or study purposes, you must fill the visitor visa Canada application.

Who Grants TRV?

To get Temporary Resident Visa, you would need to find a Canadian Immigration Visa Office in your country or region. The office authorities would assess your eligibility and purposes of visiting Canada and grant visa accordingly. It must be noted that TRV can be issues for single as well as multiple temporary visits to Canada, based on the applicants’ specific requirements.

Applicants need to clear medical tests and criminal checks before they are granted the visa. In addition, they must demonstrate their financial ability for self-sustenance during the temporary stay in Canada.

Visa Durations

In general, tourist visit visa Canada is granted for the period of 6 months. For purposes like work (temporary foreign workers) and study (temporary overseas students), the visa duration varies and is decided individually for each and every case. You may further apply for visa duration extensions while in Canada and before the original time limit expires.

Admission at Ports of Entry

You must note that TRV doesn’t grant admission to Canada. The Citizenship and Immigration Officers evaluate every visitor’s purpose to enter Canada. Visa holders need to provide adequate proof of their visit being of temporarily nature and they would leave the country before the limit expires.

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