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Your study in Canada permit has an expiration date and you must apply for study permit extension to continue as a student in Canada. Please note that you are required to apply at least 30 days prior to the permit expiration date for study permit extension Canada.

In case you are a student with age less than 17 years and don’t have a parent or legal guardian, it is mandatory to include the duly completed Custodianship Declaration (IMM 5646) in the study permit extension application.

How to Apply?

You may fill in the study permit extension application form in one of the two ways:

Online Application: To apply online, you will require a scanner/camera to create soft copies of study permit extension documents that must be uploaded. In addition, you must fill a valid email id to receive regular emails from CIC. Make sure that you check the emails on regular basis and remove spam filters from CIC emails that may otherwise get blocked. You must also keep a watch on myCIC account to evaluate the progress. Lastly, you must have a credit card to pay study permit extension fee.

Paper Application: You can download the application package from the CIC official website if you want to apply on paper. It is worth mentioning that you are eligible to continue as a student in case you don’t receive a response from CIC before the permit’s expiration date.

In case you plan to travel from Canada, you are advised to check the study permit expiration date and apply for extension if it is about to approach. If you fail to apply and are not granted extension, you will be required to leave Canada with immediate effect. Study permit can’t be extended on your passport in case it crosses the expiration limit.

Restore Your Status: It would be impractical and expensive to leave Canada and apply for study permit with a fresh application in case your permit expires. One solution available in this situation is to Restore Your Status for which you can apply within 90 days of the permit expiration date. For this, you will be evaluated for whether you have met all the eligibility conditions and requirements based on which you were granted the permit. Please note that you are not eligible to study during this period, but only allowed to stay in Canada till a decision is taken on your application.

An authorized officer would be assigned to assess your application based on which the decision would be taken. You must know that there are chances of study permit extension rejected or restore your status application refused. For status restoration application, it is expected from you to carefully provide correct details about situations that led to status loss. You will be required to pay fee along with status restoration application as well.

For any type of guidance or assistance in study permit extension application, consult ACME Overseas experts. We are here to help you for study permit extension document checklist, to provide information about study permit extension processing time or in any other possible way.

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