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Study in new zealand from canada

 Student career counselling SurreyStudying in New Zealand will open your eyes and expand your horizons. And wherever you choose to study, you’ll never be far from a beach, some native bush or some wide open spaces.

You’ll have the chance to explore our stunning scenery, beautiful environment and unique wildlife. If you’re into adventure, you’ll be able to ‘live the dream.’ Our mountains, lakes and coast offer a dazzling array of high-octane activities that are affordable and easy to access. You’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of an internationally recognised and high quality education – and you’ll have the experience of a lifetime.

Population and Culture

Canada PhD ASA ProgramThe Population of New Zealand are over 40 million. As far as its culture in concerned the country is multi-cultural and enjoy a strong reputation of naturally friendly and creative.

Climate and Environment

New Zealand enjoys a variety of climatic conditions that also includes subtropical and continental. However, the mild climate typically caters the country’s agriculture needs.


It is the fifth largest country wholly island nation on earth. It is consists of two main islands, the North Island and South Island.


The primary languages spoken in New Zealand are English and Maori.

Higher Education

Family Sponsorship ParentsWhatever higher education you’re looking for, you’ll find it in New Zealand. We have eight universities, 18 polytechnics and institutes of technology, around 600 private training institutions, 27 English Language schools and around 20 industry training organisations.

You can study for either academic or more practically focused qualifications, gaining everything from entry-level certificates to diplomas, degrees and doctorates. What’s more, these institutes are located nationwide, so you can study just about anywhere you like.

Student Life

Work in Canada consultantNew Zealand is a vibrant nation with excellent academic options and a safe environment to live in. International students who study at a University in New Zealand can enjoy a premium lifestyle at an affordable expense.

New Zealand Colleges have everything you need, world-class education, great quality of life, diverse culture, vibrant cities, stunning natural scenery and unbeatable outdoor adventure activities.

New Zealand is home to glaciers, mountains, rainforests and a beautiful coastline at the same time. New Zealand does not fall behind in the educational scenario as well, with seven of New Zealands universities out of the its total eight featuring in top world ranking in the recent years. For a subtle nation of 4 million citizens, it is nothing less than a great feat.

After You Graduate

Work in CanadaOnce you’ve finished your study, you may want to stay on and work in New Zealand for a while to gain work experience. You may even consider staying in New Zealand permanently. There are pathways that make it easier for you to stay, if you meet certain conditions.

New Zealand’s immigration policies include a post-study work pathway for international students who have completed a New Zealand qualification. This lets you find a job and get work experience in a field directly related to your studies, and makes it easier to apply for residence.

There are two types of work visa specifically for students who have completed their tertiary study in New Zealand:

  • The Post-study work visa (open). This gives you up to 12 months to find a job that is relevant to your studies
  • The Post-study work visa (employer assisted). This option lets you work in a specific job, which must be relevant to your studies, for two more years. Check out who is eligible for a Post-study work visa.

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Study in new zealand from canada
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