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Top Reasons to Migrate to Canada

Canada is among the most desired immigration destinations as migrants to Canada enjoy lots of benefits in the country. Apart from brilliant work and education prospects, migration to Canada promises excellent living standards, incomparable healthcare and low rate of crime as some of the major advantages. In short, there are some great growth prospects personally and professionally for those opting for Canada immigration. No wonder that individuals from all part of the globe choose to immigrate to Canada in such huge numbers.

Canada Migration Possibilities and Options

Skilled migration is one of the top options available to those looking for Canadian immigration. Permanent residents in Canada can also sponsor their partners or spouses in the category of Canada family migration. Migrants may choose to do job or settle down in any province or region of the country.

Canadian migrants, who spend at least 3 years in the country, are eligible to apply first for permanent residence and then for Canadian citizenship. As permanent residents, they qualify for rights and privileges that are available to the country’s citizens.

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