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The International Credential Assessment Service (ICAS) of Canada is a government-authorized agency which offers education credential assessment to those applying for Canadian immigration. The service performs a comparison-based assessment for the applicant’s education against the Canadian education system.

Once you apply for ICAS, you may receive the report within 6-8 weeks. However, it is an approximate time period and that actual duration may vary depending on your location and whether you submit all required documents or not. You may view the updated processing time by visiting the ICAS official website.


It is important to know about ICAS services and fees in advance. By paying the fees of $200, you will receive the Federal Skilled Worker Assessment Package (also called the Canadian Immigration Assessment Package) which consists of:

  • Two assessment reports, one for the applicant and the other for submission to CIC
  • Electronic copy of the assessment report
  • Secure electronic access (which is required by CIC)

The ICAS report includes the comparable educational credentials in Canada for each of the credentials submitted by the applicant. The secure access to the report’s electronic copy is required by CIC to authenticate the report’s copy you submit along with your Federal Skilled Worker application. The access remains valid for 10 years.

In case you want the report to be delivered by courier, the additional International Credential Assessment Service of Canada fees of $25 (for Canada), $35 (for the USA) and $85 (for any other international location) must be paid.

Apart from the two original report copies, included in the package, you may request for additional copies by paying $30 for each. Contact ACME Overseas for more information and help.

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