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Canadian Family Class Spouse Sponsorship Program – Important Things to Know

Under the Family Class Immigration Program, Canadian permanent residents and citizens are eligible to sponsor their family members for immigration to Canada. For this, the sponsor needs to fulfill some important eligibility criterions like age of 18 years or above and financial capability to provide food, shelter, clothing and healthcare needs to the sponsored family members. The sponsored family members become the permanent residents of Canada.

The Family Class Program which aims at faster reunification of families in Canada, exempt spouses and children from a number of requirements which makes family sponsorship spouse Canada a popular option. Moreover, the visa approval officers give priority to family spouse sponsorship applications and ensure their fast processing. Not to forget, the announcement of the Ministry of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism to increase the limit spouse and children sponsorship programs.

If you plan to apply for family spouse sponsorship Canada, you can do so for a spouse or a common-law partner. Here are some useful tips and guidelines that you need to consider:

  • Apart from the other important family sponsorship spouse documents, the applicant must provide adequate evidence to prove that immigration is not the primary reason for the marital alliance or relationship.
  • Marriage certificate is enough in a number of cases, but there can be few exceptions.
  • A marriage conducted in a foreign country must hold validity according to the laws of that country and also under the federal laws of Canada.
  • In case of arranged marriages, visa officers may demand for additional documents apart from the marriage certificate to ensure that it is a genuine relationship. Telephone bills, exchanged emails, photos verifying meetings of the couple are some of the valid proofs in this regard.
  • Another situation of family sponsorship spouse application rejected is when the sponsor enters a new relationship without ending the previous one. Documents of legal divorce are mandatory to be produced along with the application.
  • Applicants hailing from the countries where divorce is illegal may find serious problems in getting the application approved. Common-law partner sponsorship is one solution for this and many other similar situations.

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