Canadian Experience Class

The Canada Experience Class (CEC) consists of Canadian immigrants who meet all the standards of being important contributors to the economy of the country. Important Canadian Experience Class requirements include – stay in Canada for a designated period, good command on English or French, appropriate skilled worker experience and adaptation to Canadian society.

Foreigners, who stay in Canada for work or education and have experience as skilled workers, are highly eligible for Canadian Experience Class application. They may also aim for permanent residency in Canada through this.

Eligibility Requirements

Applicants for CEC should:

  • Be living outside Quebec Province
  • Have skilled work experience of at least 12 months (full-time) or equivalent amount of time (part-time) in 3 years
  • Valid and authorized work experience
  • Apply while working or within a year of leaving the job in Canada
  • Meet the desired levels of language skills and abilities like speaking, listening, reading and writing and should have associated documents
  • Have valid passport
  • Have educational qualification documents
  • Have job related documents
  • Medical certificate
  • Police certificate
Why Apply?

What makes it the right time to apply for Canadian Experience Class?

  • Unlimited job and career opportunities in multiple sectors and verticals, ranging from IT and software to healthcare, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, automobile and so on.
  • Highly flexible work hours
  • Aging population has led to increased demand for skilled workers
  • Impressive salaries and wages
  • People in Canada enjoy secure and safe environment
  • Freedom to study, work, stay and travel across the country
  • Social security benefits
  • Cheap public transport facilities and more
Processing Fees

Canadian Experience Class Fees include:

  • $550 for principal applicant
  • $550 each for family members with age 22 or above
  • $550 each for family members with age below 22 and married/in common-law relationship
  • $150 each for family members with age below 22 and unmarried/not in common-law relationship

If the application gets approved, you would need to pay Right of Permanent Residence Fee which is:

  • $490 for principal applicant
  • $490 for spouse/common-law partner
  • Nil for dependent children

In addition, you would need to pay fees for police certificates, medical certificates and language evaluations.

How Do We Help?

ACME Overseas is a leading Canadian Experience Class consultant offering the best guidance and assistance during every stage of application processing. We ensure that there is shortest possible Canadian Experience Class processing time and the applicants are updated regularly about the process. Here are some useful ways in which we help:

  • Case officer or Canadian Experience Class visa expert is assigned to each application
  • Full assistance in filling the application and documentation
  • Guidance to get all certificates and assessments in the shortest time
  • Correspondence with the department to know Canadian Experience Class application status
  • Assistance in settling down

We are proud to offer services at competitive rates that are simply unbeatable. Our expert consultants are only a call away.

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