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Canada attracts several students and prospective employees from around the globe every year. The reason behind this country being so popular among opportunity seekers is the availability to build career in diverse fields. Canada has a multi-cultural work environment that allows the individuals to meet global manpower requirements. You can think of applying for a job in sectors such as retails, administration and even IT.

The only thing that you require to be applicable for a job in Canada is a compatibility with the Canada skilled worker category. This means a skilled worker needs to make it up to the job requirements prevailing in Canada. If your qualifications and capabilities are good enough then you would require the assistance from an overseas job consultant like Acme Overseas located in Surrey Memorial Hospital (Building City Centre 2).

At Acme overseas, we help the aspirants in the application process and understanding the formalities including documentation, knowing worker visa requirements, eligibility constraints and lot more.

About Canadian Work Visa

  • A Non-Canadian resident needs to apply for a Canada work permit or Canada work visa to be able to enter the country for as an employee. You cannot just visit the place as a tourist and start working there.
  • This Canada work permit is valid for a certain period of time and temporary in nature. Mostly dependent upon the specified role provided by the sponsored employer. It can range anywhere around 6 months to almost 2 years. This Canada temporary work visa can be extended from within the country on certain grounds.
  • It is more of a grant to reside and work in Canada for foreign professionals. Only the legal residents/citizens of those countries can apply for this work visa that is being served by this visa office. Canada work visa is not based on any points and you don’t have to compete to obtain any points while filling an application for Canada work permit.
  • In order to apply for a Canada work permit, a non-resident professional from overseas requires an employment offer letter from a Canadian employer. There are some duties that the employer has to carry out too.
  • The employer looking to hire a foreigner to work in Canada should justify that he does not find any candidate suitable for the position being offered to the non-resident of Canada from within the country. Also state that if the hiring of this foreign candidate would affect the employment market in Canada.
  • Lastly, the employer has to get a letter of confirmation (LOC) from the Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (HRSDC).
  • One thing that the applicants should know about this visa or work permit is that its possession does not promise a permanent citizenship to the candidate. However, if your spouse, the common-law partner or dependent children want to visit you then it is surely possible. They may also apply for a work and study permit.
The Process to Obtain a Canada Work Permit or Canada Work Visa

This process is a two-step procedure that needs to get executed by both employer and the employee. As soon as the employer has the letter of confirmation from HRSDC he can instruct the employee to apply for the Canada work visa or the Canada work permit.

After applying for a Canada work permit you will have to apply for the resident visa that will entitle the permission to reside in the country at a foreign Canadian visa office. Though, it does not authorize the employee with any permanent allowance or Canadian PR to stay in Canada some exceptions like live-in caregivers who meet certain specified parameters set up by the Canadian government can reside in the country permanently.

What Does The Work Permit Actually Refer To?

It is highly essential for the ones seeking to establish a career overseas to understand some basic work related facts from the core. You will also have to comply with all rules and regulations to ensure a proper conduct as an employee in the country.

  • The word ‘work’ can be explained as an activity that entitles remuneration under Canadian immigration. This pay should be able to compensate for the skills and inputs required for the job. It should compete with the activities undertaken by the permanent citizens of Canadian residents in the existing labor market scenario.
  • An employee has to have a job offer letter from the employer in Canada, no matter the employer himself is a permanent resident of Canada or not. Moreover, there is a limit to which the employers can hire manpower from other countries. They cannot fill all work-related activities in their company with such candidates.
  • There is a lot of emphasis upon the permanent residents of the country and it is ensured that their interests and future is not compromised while hiring employees from foreign country.
  • This is why the work permits are issued by the Canadian immigration authorities only when it is supported by a positive “Labor Market Impact Assessment” (LMIA). It is a letter granted by Employment and social development Canada (ESDC). The issuance of this letter is an indicator that there is not harm caused upon the domestic workers due to the foreigners.
About Open Work Permits

In most of the cases the employees aspiring to work in Canada require a written form of job offer letter or a contract of employment from the employer to proceed for the application process. The employer also has to seek permission from the government to be able to offer this position to some foreign candidate. It is supplied in the form of Labor market impact assessment (LMIA).

All these prerequisites form a strong base in applying for a Canada work permit. The employee has to comply with the requirements of the employer. The employee needs to prove that he is eligible for the job and meet its parameters. However, in some cases the candidate does not require any written job offer letter or name of a specific employer. Such a permit is called as an open work permit.

The applicants eligible for an open work permit are categorized as under:
  • The participants in a working holiday or international experience Canada.
  • The children dependent upon foreign employee working in the country.
  • The partners and spouses accompanying the employee to the county.
Various Types Of Work Permits Can Be Classified As Under:
  • Student work permit is for the ones who want to work in Canada while being enrolled in an institution in the country as a student. There are certain cases where the students will have to file for a student work permit.
  • Some courses require the students to work as a Co-op student or intern. This is a part of their curriculum and the foreign students who are willing to work under this circumstance have to apply for a work visa along with the study visa.
  • To stay and work in the country after graduation, the students will need a permit to work under Post-Graduation Work Permit Program (PGWPP). There are several programs with certain requirements that can be availed by the students going to get graduated and wish to stay in the country as a permanent resident.
What Documents You Need To Arrange In Order To Apply For The Canada Work Permit?

The application and documentation has to follow a format and be in a specified language. If the requirements and rules for document submission are not followed, it might hamper the chances of you getting the permit and also lead to rejection in further stages. The guidelines are applicable on the employees and their accompanies planning to apply for study, work and temporary resident visa in Canada.

The List Of Documents Needed Can Be Stated As:
  • Two or more passport size photographs.
  • Application for work permit made outside of Canada.
  • Information of the family (of employee).
  • A processing fee or charge in an acceptable format.
  • A duplicate of the Labor market opinion (LMO) issued by Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC). This will be provided to the employee by his employer if required.
  • Along with it, the job offer letter from the employer describing job role, title, working conditions and wages pertaining to it.
  • A valid passport that has a blank page in it, excluding the last page of the book.
  • A proof validating the eligibility of the candidate to be able to work at the specified role offered to him. It can include copies of education certificates, employment references relating to previous job duties or roles and a proof of prior professional qualifications.

Lastly, you have to submit an evidence that your expenses during the stay can be covered by the employee with sufficient availability of funds.

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