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Worker Visa

Educational qualifications, skills and work experience in one of the many approved occupations make you eligible for Canada Quebec Skilled Worker Visa. The state of Quebec in Canada welcomes skilled workers to work with employers and companies in Canada. For this, you must apply for Canada Quebec Selected Skilled Workers Program and if approved, you get to enjoy the Canadian Permanent Residency status. Undoubtedly, it is one of the best career moves for better living standards and growth opportunities.

While Canadian Federal Skilled Worker Program is one option for immigration to Canada, Quebec Skilled Worker program is another point-based system which opens the door for Canadian permanent residency and settlement. As a Quebec skilled worker visa holder, you can apply for any domestic job or employment in Canada. You will not require Canadian work permit, job offer or employer sponsorship to access the job market in the country.

Among the main Quebec Skilled Worker visa requirements, the applicant should prove as self-sufficient in financially supporting himself/herself as well as the accompanying family members. Proficiency in English and French is another main requirement that must be fulfilled.

Reasons to Opt for Quebec Skilled Worker Visa

The current skilled workforce in Canada is fast heading towards retirements and a big skilled worker shortage is highly anticipated in the coming years. If statistics are to be believed, the current worker to retiree ratio of 6 to 1 should dramatically change to 2 to 1 in the next 4-5 years. In order to fill the expected gap, Quebec Skilled Worker Immigration Program is counted among the best ways to attract skilled workers for migration to Canada.

The selection system for Canada Quebec Skilled Worker immigration is available for:

  • Single applicants
  • Couples

Quebec Skilled Worker Visa Fees

Quebec Skilled Worker visa processing fees include:

  • $550 for principal applicant
  • $550 each for family members with age 22 or above
  • $550 each for family members with age below 22 and married/in common-law relationship
  • $150 each for family members with age below 22 and unmarried/not in common-law relationship

If the application gets approved, you would need to pay Right of Permanent Residence Fee which is:

  • $490 for principal applicant
  • $490 for spouse/common-law partner

In addition, you would need to pay fees for police certificates, medical certificates and language evaluations.

What’s the Eligibility Requirement for Visa?

Quebec Skilled Worker Program is a point-based system in which the applicant’s profile is evaluated in the categories that include:

  • Age
  • Adaptability
  • Children
  • Education/training
  • Employment experience
  • Family in Quebec
  • Financial self-sufficiency
  • Language proficiency
  • Prior employment offer
  • Spouse characteristics

Here are some other important aspects you must take into consideration:

  • Proficiency in English or French is an important requirement
  • Your profile will be evaluated on the basis of medical assessment and security/criminal record check
  • Be ready for a small visa interview during the process
  • Quebec skilled worker visa processing time is usually 12-18 months
ACME Overseas Services

ACME Overseas is your trustworthy Quebec Skilled Worker Program visa consultant with advices, suggestions, tips and assistance at every stage of the Quebec skilled worker visa application. Here’s how we help:

  • Canada Quebec skilled worker visa details with expert inputs and updated information at every step
  • Complete assistance in visa documentation
  • Step-wise document checklist to save you from hassles and increase the chances of application approval
  • Get samples for documents preparation to make the entire process easy
  • Correspondence on your behalf so that you enjoy the peace of mind

Not only these, there are post-approval services that we offer:

  • Job search at top online portals and with reputed employers in Canada
  • Airport pickup
  • Accommodation search and transportation assistance
  • Orientation to help you get familiar with the new region
  • Connect with your communities with our help
How to Get Started?
  • Begin by signing-up with ACME Overseas
  • Discuss your requirements and profile characteristics
  • We allocate a case officer to pay individual attention to your application
  • Fill-up the forms, prepare documents and submit as per the case officer’s directions
  • Appear for interview on the data that our case officer would fix up
  • On application approval, prepare for relocation with our expert guidance

It is worth mentioning that we charge the industry best Quebec skilled worker visa cost to ensure that you enjoy affordable prices. Avoid paying unwanted costs to the inexperienced consultants and choose our best people in the business. You must refer to our fees structure and refund policies before choosing us.

Finally, Why Canada?

Opting for Quebec skilled worker visa program is a great option to migrate to Canada and switch to better life. Here are some of the top reasons to opt for Canadian immigration:

  • Unmatched quality of life
  • Safe and secure environments with low crime rate
  • Unparalleled living and working conditions
  • Best employers from different industries, offering wonderful growth opportunities
  • Acclaimed education and healthcare facilities

Appoint ACME Overseas as your skilled worker visa consultant for migration to Canada. We are only a call away to start the process.

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