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If you are worth contributing to the Canadian economy, you are eligible for the Canadian Provincial Nominee Program (or Canadian PNP). If you are planning to apply for Canada Provincial Nominee Program 2017 or later, here are some useful details from expert Canadian immigration consultants.

Canadian PNP allows many provinces in Canada to nominate skilled workers from across the world to work, settle down and contribute economically in Canada. By doing so, the provinces arrange skilled workforce to employers from different verticals and also promote capital fund investments in the region. It is worth mentioning that Canadian Immigration and Citizenship (CIC) gives preference to the Canadian PNP applicants over applications from other skilled worker migration programs.

Not every province in Canada offers PNP, but those offering the program include:

  • Alberta
  • British Columbia
  • Manitoba
  • New Brunswick
  • Newfoundland and Labrador
  • Nova Scotia
  • Ontario
  • Prince Edward Island
  • Saskatchewan
  • Yukon

Each of these provinces has agreement with the Canadian Government to nominate people who wish to migrate to Canada and have necessary working skills and experience.

Benefits of PNP for Migrants

Migrants to Canada highly appreciate Canada Provincial Nomination Immigration for reasons like:

  • Fast access to Canada immigration after which they are given the opportunity to apply for Canadian Citizenship
  • Not being a point-based program, it is even more attractive
  • Successful migrants get same privileges and benefits as enjoyed by the Federal Skilled Worker Migrants.
  • No restriction on the subsidy approved by the government for education, healthcare and social benefits
  • Permanent Residence status with opportunity to apply for Canadian Nationality
  • Opportunities to study, work or do business (in the same province only)
Important Things to Know

Before you fill Canadian Provincial Nominee Program application, here are some important things you must know in advance:

  • If approved, you will be allowed to work in the same province from which you were nominated.
  • The principal applicant can bring along dependents which include spouse, conjugal partner or common-law partner. Dependent children are also allowed, but rules may vary from one province to another.
  • PNP visa application for family members should be submitted at the same time as the principal applicant submits his/her application.
  • Applicants must have and prove the adequate financial assistance through which they are able to support themselves as well as the dependent family members migrating along.
Eligibility Requirements

In addition to the legal age, qualifications and work experience, the applicant must fulfill other important requirements at different stages. These include:

  • Valid Job Offer: The applicant must hold a valid job or employment offer from a Canadian company or employer. It is obvious that the job location must be in the province the application is meant for. For Canadian Provincial Nomination without job offer, you must have a close relative living in the province. He/she can help you obtain Canada Provincial Nomination certificate.
  • Approval from Provincial Government: The government of the province must approve the job offer and assess the application to verify that everything is according to the migration rules of that province. In addition, the applicant must provide adequate proof for his/her interest in working and living in the province.
  • Permanent Residency Application: After obtaining the Provincial Nomination, the applicant must apply for permanent residency status with CIC.

PNP Visa Fees

Canadian Provincial Nomination Program fees include:

  • $1050 for principal applicant
  • $550 each for family members with age 22 or above
  • $550 each for family members with age below 22 and married/in common-law relationship
  • $150 each for family members with age below 22 and unmarried/not in common-law relationship

If the application gets approved, you would need to pay Right of Permanent Residence Fee which is:

  • $490 for principal applicant
  • $490 for spouse/common-law partner

In addition, you would need to pay fees for police certificates, medical certificates and language evaluations.

How Do We Help?

At ACME Overseas, we are your most trusted Canadian PNP consultant with the right knowledge and experience in PNP application success. Here are some of the many ways in which you can benefit from our guidance and assistance:

  • Complete profile evaluation and eligibility assessment and possible enhancements to boost the chances of PNP approval.
  • Comprehensive job search at the relevant and top job boards and portals online to help you find job or employment offer in the province or your choice.
  • As soon as you get a job offer, we further help in filling PNP application and documentation.
  • Coordination with the employer to complete paperwork, documentation and every other formality fast and easily.
  • Assistance in filling and submitting the Permanent Residency application once you are able to get Provincial Nomination successfully.
  • We converse with the Canadian embassy in your country on your behalf to make the migration process even faster.
  • Once you migrate to Canada, we help you in relocation, regional orientation, accommodation search, transportation, settlement and socialization.

We have successfully running consultation offices and processing centers in different parts of the world. In addition, our experts ensure that you pay the most competitive consultation prices and avoid paying surprise costs to any unauthorized party.

Why Canada Is the Right Immigration Destination?

Canada’s PNP and other immigration programs attract hundreds of thousands of people from every part of the globe. Here are some reasons that make Canadian immigration a hot trend:

  • Excellent living standards with high quality lifestyles
  • Low crime rate and extremely safe and secure environments
  • Multicultural society which means you are always near to your own community people
  • World-class education systems, healthcare facilities and other amazing facilities
  • Government-supported subsidies and social benefits like Pension Plan and more
  • Exceptional growth opportunities
How to Get Started?
  • Contact the ACME Overseas consultants
  • Discuss your case after which you will be assigned a case officer
  • With the assistance offered by the case officer, prepare case file with all relevant documentations
  • Fill in the required forms with his/her assistance and submit to the right destinations
  • Case officer helps you in job search with the top Canadian employers and companies
  • We fix all interview schedules and assessment dates with different offices on your behalf
  • Follow our instructions to submit the right documents at different stages
  • Once everything is approved and you are ready to migrate, we offer help in easy relocation

Take advantage of our Canadian Provincial Nomination and immigration services to take the right step in your life. Contact us right now!

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