Canada PhD ASA Program


The Canada PhD ASA Program would immensely benefit students in pursuit of PhDs in foreign countries such as Canada. Fellowships and scholarships given out to students who cannot pay their tuition fees in full under the Canada PhD ASA program encourages them to shit to Canada, which has one of the best education systems in the world.

Types of Canada PhD ASA Program Fee Waivers


Students in pursuit of research studies and graduate and post-graduate degrees are given monetary grants in the form of fellowships under the Canada PhD ASA program. The grants are forwarded by universities and various governmental and private institutions to meritorious students who are unable to pay the full tuition fees due to one or the other reason.

Grants from certain Canadian Universities often reach yearly roundabout figures such as CAD 18,000. PhD students who have an excellent academic track record are provided full cover for their tuition fees for 4 years.


Under the Canada PhD ASA program, students can also choose to do part-time work in Canada, all thanks to two types of PhD ASA Assistantship. The Assistantships gives students the freedom to work up to 20 hours per week.

  • Teaching Assistantship: Under the Teaching Assistantship program, the students would have to do their part time work as teachers.
  • Research Assistantship: Under this program, students would have to work in research based environments related to their subjects.


There are many students who have an excellent academic background and deserve to study at the best foreign institutes. But due to financial difficulties, they cannot pay off their tuition fees from their own end. These students are awarded scholarships from various universities along with government and private organizations. Officials from the universities and organizations decide on the final scholarship sums. Scholarships under the Canada PhD ASA program include:

  • Tuition Fee Waiver: As far as tuition fees are concerned, deserving students have to pay absolutely nothing. However, other expenses such as library fees and those incurred through use of college facilities have to the paid.
  • On Campus Jobs: Students are also offered a variety of campus jobs by the university, which allow them to earn an income. Jobs can range from campus magazine writers to department deans to campus president. In all instances, students are paid a stipulated amount. However, if a student signs up for an on campus job, he/she would not be eligible for any tuition fee waivers.

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