Canada Nova Scotia Provincial
Nomination Program

Canada Nova Scotia Provincial Nomination Program, also called Nova Scotia Nominee Program (NSNP), is a way skilled workers can seek Canada immigration, alone or with families. The successful applicants get to reside in Nova Scotia and work while enjoying the Canada permanent residency status. The top Nova Scotia Nominee Program eligibility requirements are the right educational qualifications, skills and work experience in one of the occupations approved by the immigration authorities.

Interested applicants can apply in one of the following Nova Scotia Nominee Program categories:

  • Skilled workers or employees
  • Community identified (please check the updates since 2014)
  • Family business workers

Eligibility Requirements in Detail

For application approval, the applicants must fulfill the following Nova Scotia Nominee Program requirements:

  • Preference is given to applicants in the age group of 21-55
  • Appropriate levels of education, training and skills that match the requirements of job position
  • Work experience of minimum 24 months (in the past 5 years) in a full-time continuous job in the same or matching field of occupation you apply for.
  • Proficiency in English language
  • Willingness to stay and adapt to Nova Scotia
  • Adequate funds for self-maintenance and also to support the accompanying family members

It is worth mentioning that the applicant must maintain the funds of minimum $11,000/$2,000 for himself or herself/each family member.

At the time of filling Nova Scotia Nominee Program application form, the applicant need not essentially have an employment offer from an employer of company in Nova Scotia. However, he or she must prove willingness to work in one of the occupational fields approved by the province.

Which Documents Are Required?

Here’s Nova Scotia Nominee Program checklist for documents that must be attached with the application:

  • Valid passport
  • Educational documents
  • Documents proving work experience
  • Language ability proof
  • Birth certificate, marriage certificate
  • Health/medical certificates
What Are the Top Features?

A successful applicant is able to:

  • Get permanent residency and settle in Nova Scotia
  • Take along family members
  • Enjoy government subsidy on education, health and other programs
  • Study, work or make business investments within the province
What about Dependent Immigration?

Dependents can apply at the same time as the main applicant for immigration. The eligible dependents include:

  • Spouse (legally married) or common-law partner (with minimum of 1 year of association)
  • Children below 18 years and having applicant as the legal custodian. Children must belong to the applicant (or his/her souse) biologically or through adoption.
  • Children in the age group 18-25 who meet the conditions including:
    1. Unmarried/not in common-law partnership
    2. Not financially dependent due to physical/mental health conditions
    3. Enrollment with academic, professional or vocational training program

For those not meeting these criterions, it is necessary to simultaneously fill separate application forms and provide adequate proof of having connection with the applicant.

NSNP Visa Fee

Nova Scotia Nominee Program fee is charged as:

Step 1: Application for Nova Scotia nomination: No Fees

Step 2: Application for Canadian permanent residency: Fees is $550 for the main applicant.

In addition, the NSNP processing fees for Step 2 include:

  • $550 each for family members with age 22 or above
  • $550 each for family members with age below 22 and married/in common-law relationship
  • $150 each for family members with age below 22 and unmarried/not in common-law relationship

If the application gets approved, you would need to pay Right of Permanent Residence Fee which is:

  • $490 for principal applicant
  • $490 for spouse/common-law partner

In addition, you would need to pay fees for police certificates, medical certificates and language evaluations.

ACME Overseas Services

ACME Overseas has been an expert Nova Scotia Nominee Program consultant since years. We have helped hundreds of immigrants to go through the Nova Scotia Nominee Program process in the best possible manner and gain success. Here’s a glimpse at how we help:

  • Eligibility evaluation
  • Preparing documents for visa
  • Inputs and advice at every stage of the application
  • Document checklists and samples and help in meeting the requirements or identifying the alternatives
  • Correspondence with the concerned department and offices on applicant’s behalf
  • Assistance in relocation which includes accommodation search, transportation assistance, job search and orientation programs
What Do We Cost?

ACME Overseas has always maintained the best immigration consultancy costs to help every willing immigrant to fulfill his or her dreams of settling in Canada and gaining access to the unparalleled growth opportunities. We ensure fast Nova Scotia Nominee Program application processing time at the unbeatable costs to make the process truly fruitful for the applicants. We advise you to check our refund policies beforehand and sign-up with one of the leading Canadian immigration experts.

Give us a call to know more about Nova Scotia Nominee Program skilled worker application or to get the Nova Scotia Nominee Program latest news. We can start with the application process right now.

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