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Canada needs no introduction as one of the most prosperous economies in the world. No wonder that the country attract hundreds of thousands of businessmen from across the world every year for a number of purposes. Canada business visitor visa is mandatory for business visitors visiting the country for one of the listed business activities. Here’s a brief guide about business visitor visa for Canada.

Temporary Residence Visa

TRV is the visa required by those planning a temporary stay in Canada and it encompasses the Canada business travel visa. Please note that the visitor must apply and obtain business visitor visa to Canada before traveling to and entering the country. No work permit is required for such visitors. It is also worth mentioning that those planning access or entry to Canada’s labor market essentially requires Temporary Work Permit.

Purposes of Business Visit

Business visitors may plan a business visit to Canada to:

  • Attend business meeting and conferences and to participate in business conventions and fairs
  • Buy goods and/or services from Canada while acting as a representative of a foreign business entity
  • To take orders for his/her business products and/or services from Canadian market
  • Offer after-sales services which exclude practical work in construction trades
  • Receive training from a Canadian employer or company with the intention of working outside Canada
  • Train staffs/employees for a foreign company’s subsidiary located in Canada
Meeting the Requirements

Business visitors applying for business visitor visa in Canada must prove that they:

  • Don’t intend to enter the Canada’s labor market
  • Don’t plan to stay in Canada for periods usually exceeding 6 months
  • Have their main business location and source of income/profits located outside Canada
  • Fulfill the standard requirements to enter Canada

Want to know Canada business visit visa requirements in detail? Need help in Canada business visit visa application and eligibility evaluation? Contact ACME Overseas consultants to begin.

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