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A Canadian Business Immigration Visa is ideal for those who aspire to own and run businesses in Canada, a country brimming with opportunities. Hundreds and thousands of businessmen move to Canada every year in the hopes of turning their ideas into successful business ventures, thanks to the country’s Business Immigration program, which encourages more and more investments and employment opportunities.

There are three main categories under Canada’s Business Immigration Program:

  • Entrepreneur Program
  • Investor Immigration Program
  • Self-Employed Persons Program

Entrepreneur Program

Entrepreneurs are highly encouraged to start their own businesses in Canada due to their potential of contributing to the Canadian economy, and under this program, they can obtain permanent residence in the country as well.

Entrepreneurs can qualify for a visa under this program only if:

  • They can invest substantially to establish a business venture that can benefit the Canadian economy within a period of 2 years from the date on which they land in the country.
  • They can actively participate in managing their respective business ventures.
  • They can employ a minimum of one permanent citizen of Canada, apart from any dependents.

Entrepreneurs are required to provide regular reports to immigration officials in order to have their progress supervised.

Investor Immigration Program

The Investor Immigration Program encourages foreign investors to invest in businesses in Canada. They are also allowed the privilege of residing permanently in the country along with their families.

However, foreign investors can qualify for a visa under this program only if they meet the following criterion:

  • Investors need to have an excellent background in business, and should have experience in controlling and operating at least one business.
  • An investor must have a net worth of $1,600,000 from running his own business ventures.
  • Investors must invest a minimum of $800,000 with the Department of Citizenship and Immigration Canada for a period of five years.
Self-Employed Persons Program

Only two kinds of self-employed persons can qualify for a visa under this particular program:

  • People who either purchase or establish a business venture in Canada that makes a contribution to the country’s art and culture, or its economy.
  • People with farm management experience who can purchase and/or manage farms in the country.

Individuals who want to qualify for a visa under the Self-Employed Persons Program are typically assessed on:

  • Artistic qualifications
  • Business experience and ability
  • Net worth

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